Home made Unicorn Bauble ~ My Christmas Wonderland

Those who know me well will not be surprised that unicorns have made their way into my Christmas Wonderland!  After the success of the unicorn theme sleepover party I planned for my daughter last month I’ve adapted one of the decorations I made for that.

My extremely cute unicorn baubles!

To start with I ordered some vinyl decals from ebay, there are lots to choose from and they can be used on various different things like wine glasses, bottles, jars and baubles.  I then dug out some flowers, gold and silver leaves, and beads from my substantial craft kit!  See pictures below.  The unicorn decals came with really easy to follow instructions so were quick and simple to apply.

I’ve tried the decals on several different baubles and found that you can add the decals to pretty much any of them, as long as they have a clear surface area large enough.  Below are photos of the ones I’ve used, some I purchased from well known shops and others I’ve ordered from Amazon.  (please comment if you’d like to know more)

I used a glue gun as they are the best way of doing something like this because the glue adheres quickly and strongly.  It means you can place the embellishments properly without them moving and gives you a lot more versatility, I’ve tried a few others and this is the best I’ve come across.  See my photos below of one of my finished baubles.

My daughter has two of the baubles on her tree in her bedroom and they look beautiful, she has a white tree with multicoloured lights on them which really sets them off.

Below is one I’ve hung on my pink tree…

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Hope you enjoyed this post and after all my hard work I’d love to hear your comments or questions, many thanks


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